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We create a world that dares to reach the EXTREM and realizes the craziest ideas. We breathe in passion for our work and follow the vision, to provide creative, innovative and professional implementation of your wishes. Our projects will take you on a path of an unforgettable adventure, which will awaken all the senses, run adrenaline, and create life-long memories.

Let it be in the air, under water, on a climbing wall, under a basketball hoop, or on ice, we will take your sporting events to a completely new level. No safety belt can stop strong positive emotions and after each experience, you will long for more. Moreover, we can offer you all this. All that counts is an experience we can live to the fullest, and sport is the one that motivates us, creates charisma and awakens the feelings of happiness in us. So use the opportunity to build your brand identity and join our projects.
Our mission is clear – with us, you will experience an unforgettable ride to the bold, and we will place you on a stage of the most successful. We will realize the most unusual ideas, which will excite the business world. Our creative approach, innovative concepts and professional performance unlock the door to your success. We offer complete implementation of the event you wish for, so trust us with your idea, and we will be the most excited to make your wish come true.
Enable your target audience to experience your brand with all senses. Take a step further from traditional advertising and get to know your customers face to face. We offer you experiential marketing and animations to revive your brand, create its true personality and bring it closer to those you want to talk to.
Advertisement are following us everywhere, and because of their numerosity we can easily overlook them. Attracting the consumer's attention needs a turn and we found one. Your wishes are our brush and canvas. Let us paint you a promotion that leaves traces and positive impressions
The power of our thought has much greater significance than we can imagine. Put yourself in a situation where, with the power of your concentration, you can pour your favourite coffee or turn on the toaster. Does it sounds futuristic? For us, this is the EXTREM creativity of the present. Extrem powered by BlackBox has brought future technology to your everyday life, but allows you to stand out with your events and promotion today. Be the first, and we will be the one who will help you with pursuing your dreams.


Simon Rožnik Simon Rožnik
Simon Rožnik
031 333 878
Nina Klanfar Nina Klanfar
Nina Klanfar
project manager
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Tomaž Pančur Tomaž Pančur
Tomaž Pančur
project manager
031 745 300
Vito Babuder Vito Babuder
Vito Babuder
designer & project manager
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Sara Ašanin Gole Sara Ašanin Gole
Sara Ašanin Gole
PR & project manager
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Rene Mlekuž Rene Mlekuž
Rene Mlekuž
project manager
051 486 068